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Welcome to Norwest Networks


Founded In Lynden, WA priding ourselves on a strong sense of community.



Norwest Networks started in 2008, as Wi-Fi-Tech, in Lynden, Washington. We began selling, configuring and installing small business and home (SOHO) routers and setting up small networks. Over, the last 10 years, Norwest has been installing residential and small business fiber optic networks.

We have found a need in rural counties and we are actively working at filling that need. Our company goal is to advance our experience, drive, and business model throughout Arizona and Washington State with a scalable, resilient, and reliable communication/entertainment service that they can rely on. We offer last mile Internet to remote communities. Through our services, we introduce fiber optics to the community and the latest in electronic hardware.


Norwest Networks, Inc. now offers connection speeds from 100 mbps up to 1000 mbps.

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